Week of October 3, 2021

Saturday October 2nd Guardian Angels
4:00 pm † Intentions of the Parishioners

Sunday October 3rd
7:00 am Intentions of the Presider
9:00 am For those affected by COVID-19
11:00 am † Intentions of the Presider

Monday October 4th St. Francis of Assisi
6:30 am † John & James Tobin

Tuesday October 5th
6:30 am † Nicholas Soccodato

Wednesday October 6th St. Bruno
6:30 am † Mary Swanick

Thursday October 7th Our Lady of the Rosary
6:30 am † Daniele DeSantis

Friday October 8th
6:30 am † Christopher Fessey

Saturday October 9th St. Denis & companions; St. John Leonardi
8:00 am † John Suchanic

Remembering in our Prayers…
… all those who are sick … Mary Trauger, Loretta Boyle, James Dehan, Nina Ferraro, Teresa Riegal, Eric Bull, Bruce Seth, Vanessa Wismer, Adriana Sproehnle, Karen Dale, Robert Farrell, Agnes Neas, Eileen Snipas, John Flickinger, Maria Pinto, Ernestine Spinello, Andrew Wolford, Bryce Cassidy, Marta Gomeztor, Marion Price, Marie Hagan, Ed Bergan, Evelyn Griffin, Ray Wilson, and the residents of Garden Springs and the Landings.

… all those who are deceased …

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.