The Parts of the Mass

The Sign of the Cross

The Mass begins with the sign of the cross, a hand gesture we’ve all done many times. Jeff Cavins explains why this gesture is so powerful in the Mass and in our everyday lives.

The Lord Be With You

What is the priest really saying when he addresses everyone throughout the Mass with, “The Lord Be With You”? Jeff Cavins explains the profound Biblical significance of this greeting.

And With Your Spirit

Our response to the priest’s “The Lord Be With You” is powerful because we are actually addressing the spirit of the priest. Jeff Cavins explains why we respond with these words in this session of The Parts of the Mass.

The Confiteor

When you think about it, it’s genuinely shocking that we make a sort of public confession of our sins at Mass. Jeff Cavins explains how, similar to the examination of conscience before confession, we ought to do the same thing before Mass.

The Kyrie and the Gloria

After confessing our sins at Mass, we experience the “kyrie,” the mercy of God, and we praise Him in the Gloria. Jeff Cavins shows how both prayers are carefully and beautifully placed in the Mass.

The Liturgy of the Word

During the Liturgy of the Word, the lectern becomes the focus. In this session of The Parts of the Mass, Jeff Cavins shows how this is our chance to hear a personal word from the Lord.

The Creed

The Creed is nothing new – Israel had a creed in the Old Testament! In this session of The Parts of the Mass, Jeff Cavins explains how the creed is a prayerful profession of belief and the willful entrusting of ourselves to another: to God.

The Liturgy of the Eucharist

After speaking to us intimately in His Word, God offers His Body to us on the altar. In this session of The Parts of the Mass, Jeff Cavins shows us how this act is a miracle, and an act of true love.

The Concluding Rite

After we receive our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, we are sent out. In this final session of The Parts of the Mass, Jeff Cavins sends us back to Sunday Mass with a deeper appreciation of this profound and beautiful sacrament.