Marion Bolger Recreational Program

Mission Statement: The Marion Bolger Recreational Program provides recreational and social activities to young adults with severe cognitive and physical impairments. These individuals have transitioned from the educational system.

This program is sponsored as a spiritual mission of Saint David Parish. It is independent of parish funds. Parents pay a monthly fee and donations are accepted.

At the Marion Bolger Recreational Program, we respect the dignity of all people with special gifts. Our program contains physical activities that promote use of all skills. We offer stimulation through visual, auditory, and sensory adaptations. We plan social and community events to encourage the individuals’ recreational enjoyment. We have the opportunity for interaction with students from Saint David and Our Lady of Confidence. We attend Mass and promote a spiritual, safe, and caring environment.

Our goal is to work with an individual within their abilities, to recognize their potential, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please call the Saint David Rectory at 215-657-0252 or Shirley Meyer at 215-518-5352.