Bible Study

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass

Discover the Beauty and Riches of the Mass

The Mass is nothing short of amazing. Through it, we encounter God in the most intimate way possible as we hear him speak to us in the Liturgy of the Word and as we receive His Body and blood in the Most Holy Eucharist. The words, the gestures, and the rituals of the Mass are rich in meaning. 

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass explores the extraordinary biblical roots of the Liturgy and reveals what it all means and why it all matters. This fascinating tour of the Mass by Dr. Edward Sri, filmed at the Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul in Philadelphia, will renew your faith and deepen your love for and devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

This is a five session Bible Study Program which begins on Tuesday, April 19 from 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM OR on Wednesday, April 20 from 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM in the Rectory.

If interested in participating and to reserve a study set, please contact:

Sr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, IHM
215-659-4059 (Office) | 484-506-1687 (Cell)