Week of July 2, 2023

Saturday July 1st St. Junipero Serra
4:00 pm Intentions of the Parishioners

Sunday July 2nd
7:00 am Intentions of the Presider
9:00 am Intentions of the Presider
11:00 am For Peace in Eastern Europe

Monday July 3rd St. Thomas the Apostle
8:00 am † Joseph Ippi Jr.

Tuesday July 4th
8:00 am † Julia DeRocco

Wednesday July 5th St. Elizabeth of Portugal, St. Anthony Zaccaria
8:00 am † Betty Bagnato

Thursday July 6th St. Maria Goretti
8:00 am † Martha Day

Friday July 7th
8:00 am Thomas Quaresima

Saturday July 8th
8:00 am † Michael Fedele Jr.

Remembering in our Prayers…
… all those who are sick … Loretta Boyle, James Dehan, Eric Bull, Bruce Seth, Vanessa Wismer, Karen Dale, Agnes Neas, Maria Pinto, Ernestine Spinello, Bryce Cassidy, Marta Gomeztor, Marion Price, Ed Bergan, Evelyn Griffin, Ray Wilson, Teresa Riegal, Bob Bohrer, Loretta Ceniviva, Regina Poskus, Joe Rosales, Pedro Flores, Thomas McLaughlin, Laverne McPhail, George Weatherford, Kathleen Lochner, Imelda Kormos, Kay Kenney, Howard J. Drager, Michael Boyle Sr., Eddie Quintana, Ralph Cosgrove, Anne & Mike Butera, Robert Mehlbaum, Joseph Bellisari, Philip Bell, Joyce Drexler, Maria Gulach, Earl T. Bauder, Bud DeLaurentis, Janet McHenry Howarth, Frank Martin, Barbara Ramsden, Gilberta Rocha, Touria Majidi, John Barrow, and the residents of Garden Springs and the Landings.

… all those who are deceased …John Flickinger, Grace D’Uva, Margaret J. Chalow…

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.