Week of December 6, 2020

Saturday December 5th
4:00 pm Intentions of the Parishioners

Sunday December 6th
2nd Sunday of Advent
9:00 am For those affected by COVID-19
11:00 am Intentions of the Presider

Monday December 7th
St. Ambrose
6:30 am † Martin Mansfield

Tuesday December 8th
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
6:30 am † Len Spearing

Wednesday December 9th
St. Juan Diego
6:30 am † Norman Ramsden 23rd Anniversary

Thursday December 10th
6:30 am † Michael Driscoll

Friday December 11th
St. Damasus I
6:30 am President and Melania Trump

Saturday December 12th
Our Lady of Guadalupe
8:00 am † Anne Dehan

Changes to the Daily Mass Intentions
We have rescheduled the weekend mass intentions, so that no intentions are missed. Sunday mass will be offered for the Intentions of Saint David Parishioners. There are no updates this week.

Remembering in our Prayers…
… all those who are sick …  Josephine Gallo, Mary Trauger, Loretta Boyle, Al Messina, Mike Dunn, Edward Pulaski, Margaret DeLucas, James Dehan, Robert Farrell, Adeline Buccini, Nina Ferraro, Robert Farrell and the residents of Garden Springs and the Landings.

… all those who are deceased … Margaret Freda.