Week of April 11, 2021

Saturday April 10th
4:00 pm † Intentions of the Parishioners

Divine Mercy Sunday April 11th
9:00 am For those affected by COVID-19
11:00 am † Intentions of the Presider

Monday April 12th
6:30 am † Sisters of St. David Convent

Tuesday April 13th
St. Martin I
6:30 am † William Eagan

Wednesday April 14th
6:30 am † Bernice Coleman

Thursday April 15th
6:30 am † Lorraine M. Hendricks

Friday April 16th
6:30 am † Joseph & Marietta Johnson

Saturday April 17th
8:00 am Intentions of Ava Curnell and Family

Remembering in our Prayers…
… all those who are sick … Mary Trauger, Loretta Boyle, Margaret DeLucas, James Dehan, Nina Ferraro, Teresa Riegal, Eric Bull, Bruce Seth, Vanessa Wismer, Adeline Buccini, Adriana Sproehnle, Karen Dale and the residents of Garden Springs and the Landings.

… all those who are deceased … Alice Schaeffer, Paul E. Gombeda III, Marilyn Karzewski, Kim Chabin & Richard Noel.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.