Spiritual Reflection 9/5/2021

“And people brought to him a deaf man who had a speech impediment and begged him to lay his hand on him.”

What do we want Jesus to do for us right now? Some might say they want a miracle from him. Others might want him to feed the poor, like when He took five fish and a couple loaves to feed five thousand men. Some others might want Him to heal people who have diseases like He did for the deaf man today. A lot might say we need Him to clean out the Church like He did when He cleaned out the temple. We all have something that we want Him to do for us, but how many of us want Him to die for our sins?

During Jesus’ time on earth when people learned of the miracles that He was performing, they went to Him so that maybe He could fix their problems. Jesus did not fix everything, at least not in the way they wanted. That is not why He came to world. Instead, He became the most vulnerable for us. God surrender to death by being nailed to a piece of wood, that is the most powerful thing that Jesus ever did for us. He allowed death to swallow Him up and because of that act of self-giving love, He gave all of us the opportunity for everlasting life with Him!

This week spend some time thinking about and reflecting on what we want from Jesus and then ask Him to show us how His cross is much more loving. Why? Because even if Jesus did all the miracles we wanted him to do, death would still be the end of life!! The big deal about Jesus is that He took on the punishment that we deserved, so that death on earth would not be the end of life!

His miracles, His teaching, His way of life on earth always pointed to The Cross. His death and resurrection were the greatest moments in human history, and we are called to follow Him. If we are called to follow him, then we have to learn to make it the greatest moment in our lives. We have to strive to be willing to do the same thing He did for others, because God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. Can we do our part and take up our crosses and lovingly follow Him?