Spiritual Reflection 9/19/2021

+Dear Saint David Parishioners,

            It is human nature that sometimes when someone who has our best interest at heart points out a fault that we need to correct, we may get defensive and/or critical. Saint James points out in his letter today the tough truth that selfishness and pride are rooted from within. No one makes us have feelings of envy, hatred, or obnoxiousness. It comes from within – ouch!

         Jesus knew the ins and outs of being human, yet He did not sin. He prepared His apostles for what was to come – His Crucifixion and Resurrection. This was difficult for the apostles to hear, and they didn’t ask Jesus for any explanations, but continued on their journey. When they reached their Capernaum destination, Jesus asked the apostles, “What were you arguing about on the way?” No one spoke up, most likely because they realized that Jesus would not have approved of their petty conversation of who among them was the greatest. He taught them in a variety of ways and provided examples that the greatest is the one who is willing to be the servant of all. Jesus didn’t chastise them, rather, He used an actual child this time to try and get His point across. Jesus said, “Whoever receives one child such as this in My name, receives Me; and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but the One who sent Me.”

       What is so special about children that Jesus wants us to imitate them? Obviously, it is not to be childish, but childlike, which means to be honest, trusting, loving, curious, accepting, and compassionate, to name just a few of the virtues of young children. I see how special children are to their parents each day as their child/children are dropped off and picked up at school. The looks of love of parents and children as they kiss and hug goodbye and the squeals of pure joy when they get picked up at the end of the day is beautiful to witness. Just as young children give their complete trust to their parents, Jesus wants us to be dependent upon Him, surrendering all our cares and concerns to Him, and trusting that His love and guidance is with us every step of life’s journey.

      Therefore, this week, let us take an honest look at ourselves, not in condemnation, but in truth, since none of us are perfect, and ask Jesus to give us the graces we need to become more like Him – the Servant of all. Then and only then, may we experience some of the freedom, simplicity, and carefreeness that the childlike enjoy! Give yourself permission to let go and relish in the spontaneity of the young, no matter your age. If you are not sure how, ask or observe a child and you’ll soon discover how thrilling it is to be childlike.

In Mary’s Immaculate Heart, I am,
Sister Mary