Spiritual Reflection 7/18/2021

True Guidance

             There are not many more frightening or unsettling things to happen to someone than getting lost.  It is extremely hard not to panic as you finally realize you have no idea where you are. Some of the things that rush through your mind are, “What way do I turn?”, “What to do now?”, “How long will this last?”, “Will I ever get there?”  These questions lead us to a feeling of hopelessness.  But wait, I will just pull out my smart phone, problem solved. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that your battery is dead. What will you do now? Now if you are a man, you will just sit there and stay lost, but if you are a woman, you walk up to someone and ask for help.  Of course, I am trying to be funny, playing off an old stereotype, but there is some truth to one aspect of this.  Sometimes, we must put our pride aside and ask for help. 

There are so many things in this life that we cannot control.  Trust me when I tell you your smart phone will not have an answer for when you lose a loved one or when you have lost your job.  The bills are coming in faster than the money you are making.  You are dealing with your own addiction or one that your spouse or child has.  These situations and many others happen to someone somewhere every day.  Some will even happen to you.  You cannot control every situation and there are no quick fixes.  You may need to ask for help but asking Siri or Alexa to help will not provide the answer that you need.  You will feel hopeless.  You will feel lost.  You will need to put your pride aside and put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ.  He is waiting for you to just ask for help.  The love and compassion that He has for us is unlimited. He was sent to lead you back to his Father.  This is why He is here.  We try to replace Him with things from this world, asking for help in any way that we can to avoid anything that may damage our pride.  It comes to down to this: put your phone down and put your hands together.  It’s simple.

May Jesus live in your heart forever.
Deacon Chris