Spiritual Reflection 6/4/23

God’s Creative Genius

              The artist Norman Rockwell insisted on using ordinary people as models. Many of the people in his paintings were his neighbors and friends. He felt that real people captured something you can’t find in professional models. He summed it up beautifully. “All of the artist’s creativeness,” he once said, “cannot equal God’s creativeness.”

Today our minds are challenged to ponder the genius of God in the mystery of the Holy Trinity: one God in three persons. Truly, God’s creativeness far exceeds our own and his love overwhelms us. God loves us so much… He created us, as God the Father. God loves us so much… He became one of us, as God the Son. God loves us so much… He remains with us, as God the Holy Spirit – abiding with us and continuing in astonishing ways, His creation. God finds delight in us – even though we are prone to selfishness and sin. But, incredibly, He loves us anyway.

God loves us so much, He cannot contain Himself. He wants to share Himself with us – to give us all that He has. God is so generous… He gave Himself in flesh, to suffer with us and die for us. He is so generous… He continues to give Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist. God is so generous… He shares with us gifts: wisdom and understanding… courage and piety… knowledge and counsel and fear of the Lord.

Our God loves us beyond our wildest imaginings – three distinct persons but with limitless possibilities. He wants us to discover and celebrate His unending love for us. Our God is constantly calling out to us, but not necessarily with words. The fact is: God wants to be found and He gives us so many opportunities. There are so many times when we travel through even the darkest tunnels of our lives and then come out the other side to encounter, unexpectedly, something surprising and beautiful and holy. It might be in a mountain. It might be in watching a toddler learning to walk, or in hearing a kind word from a stranger. It might be in the broken bread of the Holy Eucharist. God is present. If we only look, we will find Him.

Norman Rockwell found something of God in ordinary people and created some beloved and popular works of art. Each of us is called to create our own work of art, from the many colors of our own lives. It begins by discovering the greatest artist of all, The One whose creative genius guides everything.

This Trinity Sunday we are reminded again of the limitless possibilities of God – one God who cannot be contained, but must co-exist as three persons. Let us seek Him out in all His creativity, in all His manifestations as Father, as Brother, as Counselor and Friend. He is ready to help us because He is a God who wants to be found.

May the Triune God bless you!
Sr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, IHM