Spiritual Reflection 6/27/2021

+Dear Parishioners,

        Thank you, thank you, Parishioners, for your prayers throughout the school year. It certainly has been a year like no other. Because of your prayers and the safety measures we put in place, we were able to stay open and continue teaching our super-duper students!

Supportive Pastors (Father Anthony Janton and Father Matthew Windle)

+ the prayers and donations of parishioners

+ an inspiring, hard-working, and dedicated faculty/staff

+ encouraging and wonderful parents

+ terrific Home & School and Board of Limited Jurisdiction

+ fantastic students

= QOA where God is alive and the school community THRIVES!

QOA wishes everyone a happy, relaxing, fun, and safe summer. God’s special blessings to you and your loved ones ?

Love, prayers, and lots of gratitude,

Sister Mary