Spiritual Reflection 6/20/2021


There was an old commercial I remember as a kid, in which a woman is being bombarded with the burdens of everyday life. The baby is crying. Her other children are misbehaving. Another needs help with his homework. The dog has made a mess. There is someone at the door.  All of this is happening while she is making dinner. She finally throws her hands into the air and says, “Calgon take me away!” She is instantly transported to a luxurious bubble bath were all her stresses and worries are taken away.  I guess the people selling Calgon thought that if they convince you that Calgon can solve all your problems, or at least calm the storms of your life, then you would buy their product. In all reality, the storm of this woman’s life was still raging on the other side of that bathroom door. The soap company, as well as the woman herself, could not really take away the squall of her life.  In fact, no one is immune from difficulties or issues we may have in life. The only thing we can do is to face them head on and deal with them. If we need help, there is one person who is always by our side, to not only let us know we can get through any crisis, but to share the burden with us.  Jesus Christ is that person.

Saint Augustine once wrote when reflecting on this very Gospel, “When your heart is in this troubled state, do not let the waves overwhelm you. If, since we are only human, the driving wind should stir up in us a tumult of emotions, let us not despair but awaken Christ, so that we may sail in quiet waters, and at last reach our heavenly homeland.”  We hear Christ, after the apostles wake Him, call out, “Be still, be quiet!”  Who is He truly talking to, the waves and the wind? Or is He talking to the apostles? His next statement should clear things up when He says to the apostles, “Why are you, the apostles, lacking in faith?” How could they possibly perish if Christ was with them? This is true for us also. We can never truly perish if we have faith in Jesus, and if we allow Him to calm our hearts. 

Amid that horrible storm, Christ was able to sleep. He is totally comfortable in the fact that His Father loved him and would always be with Him.  So, He was unafraid.  The love of His Father took away any fear He may have had. Christ shares the love that the Father has for Him with us. This love should take away all our fears and allow us to deal with whatever storm may be buffeting us. At some time in our life, we all will succumb to the storms of life, but Jesus will be right there with us taking us to the true life meant for us.

May Jesus live in your heart forever.
Deacon Chris