Spiritual Reflection 5/23/2021

The Power of the Holy Spirit

What a wondrous and beautiful event we witness today with the coming of the Hoy Spirit to the apostles.  The Holy Spirit that engulfed the apostles both physically and spiritually is the same Holy Spirit that we receive at Baptism and is then strengthened through our Confirmation.  The Spirit of God that dwells within each one of us makes us a true temple of the Spirit.  When God himself resides in us, great power and abilities come along with His residence.  I know you are asking yourself, “Wait, I don’t have any of those abilities that the Spirit came and blessed upon the apostles.”  I promise you that you do. 

 You have the ability to heal and speak other languages.  Have you ever seen someone who was down or sad? Were you able to lift them up with a kind gesture or word? We have the ability to recognize that they need help.  No words are exchanged but we understand their body language and we can make a difference.  We can also comfort through touch.  Have you ever had someone put a hand on your shoulder and felt the comfort of that touch?  These are true healing events.

The Word of God that we hear during our liturgy is also an excellent example of the power of that Spirit that resides in us.  Our liturgy is proclaimed almost in every tongue and dialect in this world.  You could walk into any church in the world and participate in the Mass. Now that is power.

  There is one power from the Holy Spirit that God wants us to use more than any other power we have received.  This power actually makes us more like God and true temples of his Spirit than any other.  This power is the power to forgive.  The ability to forgive heals and strengthens not only us but those who we forgive. In fact, the power of forgiveness is so powerful that our own sins cannot be forgiven unless we forgive. 

We may not have experienced the dramatic scene from the Gospel when we received these gifts at First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The power of the Holy Spirit stirs deep within us each time we use our gifts. 

May Jesus live in our Hearts forever. 
Deacon Chris