Spiritual Reflection 5/15/22

What Do We Expect From Love?

 We hear about love all the time, and all of Jesus’ commands have to do with love: “Do this in memory of me”; “Go and make disciples of all nations;” “Love one another;” “Love your enemies;” and so on. Love is so important, but sometimes we expect so much from it that we are blinded from seeing it in our lives. We don’t give love a chance to show us what it truly is. We put conditions on it by saying to ourselves — I expect love to be this or that and if this or that doesn’t happen, then it must not be love. Or, even worse, if this or that doesn’t happen, then I must not be loved by God!!

God’s love for us and how He shows us has nothing to do with conditions. God’s love is unconditional. Can we accept love from Him without conditions or expectations?  Can we choose to love Him and others without conditions or expectations like He does? God’s love is a choice. He freely loves us.  It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you. God loves us first!!! And His love is shown all throughout creation.

Today, take some time and pray and really reflect on: What do I expect from love? Are my expectations blinding me from seeing how God loves me? The more we can stop expecting how we should be loved, the more we will truly see His love in the world.