Spiritual Reflection 4/28/2024

The famous sculptor Michelangelo once said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”  He believed that the creation of the statue was already there and he confirmed this when asked about his famous statue of David. He said, “I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David.” 

Very similar to Michelangelo’s David, we all are a block of stone in the hands of the Divine Sculptor, our Heavenly Father.  He has a vision of who He created us to be and works unceasingly to remove all the parts of the block that are not in His vision.  The only difference between the block of stone and us is that the stone did not choose to become the statue of David, but God needs us to ask Him, to let Him work in our lives so that we can become that piece of divine artwork we are all called to be.  He even sent an example of what we were meant to be if we allow Him to sculpt us.  We would be shining examples of His Son, Jesus Christ.

When our parents in the Garden brought sin into the world, we began corrupting the beautiful creation we were meant to be.  We collect debris and burdens which begin to block and hide who we are.  This debris could be fear, anxiety, jealousy – basically all the things that come with sin.  They become rock-hard on us and we are unable to remove them by ourselves. In fact, they become so attached to us that it can be very painful to remove, so we may decide to just live with such burdens.  It can also be painful to have them removed since we hang on so tightly to them.

So God sends His only Son to not only help us remove these burdens, but He asks us to allow Him to carry them for us.  He takes all of our debris and destroys it.  By allowing Christ to do this for us, we become again the vision of creation that we were always meant to be.  By putting our trust in Jesus, we become that divine piece of artwork and when we are seen by the rest of the world, we glorify our Divine Sculptor again, our Father in Heaven.

May Jesus live in our hearts forever.
Deacon Chris