Spiritual Reflection 2/20/22

What is a friend?  Here is how you know someone is your friend: you can share bad news and they will listen without trying to one up you with their bad news. You can tell them good news and they will celebrate with you and won’t be jealous. Friendship is about wanting the best for us as they support the best part of us. Friendship supports us in our vocation either in marriage, single life, religious life or priestly life.

Friendship never pushes us down, even when hard things need to be said. Friendship builds us up and encourages us. Friendships doesn’t say I told you so when we fall down in life, but instead is ready to pick us up when we do. Friendships is not one-sided. It is about giving to one another. True friendship never keeps score of how much one did for the other. Friendship is love!

How are our friendships with one another? How is your friendship with the Lord? What do we need to work on?

  Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, our friendship with God has been strained.  Ever since that day, God continually shows us that He would rather die than spend all eternity without us. Soon, we will have our parish 40 Hours Devotion and right after that Lent begins. Is the Lord calling on us to take a step closer into this friendship? Let us reflect and think about these things as we continue to grow in our friendships with Him and with one another.