Spiritual Reflection 12/10/2023

We Hate to Wait

Have you ever arrived at a doctor’s appointment, as instructed, 15 minutes before your appointment? After waiting in the waiting room for some time, the nurse then takes you back to the examination room where you end up waiting even longer until eventually the doctor comes in.  This is an extremely frustrating situation and we all dislike it very much.  As human beings, we hate to wait.  We hate to wait in traffic.  We hate to wait to be seated at a restaurant. We want our pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less. Our inability to wait for things has even changed the way commerce is done in our country.  We have Amazon which now delivers almost anything our hearts desire in record times.  Instant gratification is now our battle cry.  The problem is that waiting can be good for us.

Sometimes waiting for something gives us an opportunity to evaluate if we really need what we are asking for.  Sometimes waiting can allow us to make other choices.   Sometimes waiting for something allows us to prepare for what we are receiving.  Waiting can be very difficult at times.  Just ask your children who are waiting for Santa.  We actually use this to make our children behave – how sinister of us. But maybe, just maybe, our Lord is using this waiting – this anticipation of His coming – to do the same thing. Advent is the time that we await the coming of our King. Maybe we can use this time to ask of God what we want. Maybe we can reflect on the choices that we have made or will be making. Maybe we can reflect on what the coming of our King means to us and if we are ready to receive what He offers – eternal life through the forgiveness of our sins.  I think that is worth waiting for.

Waiting can actually be a good thing. We can use this time to direct our minds back to the Lord.  We can take advantage of the extra opportunities to go to confession.  We can get back to prayer.  We can use this time to prepare for the coming of the King of Glory.  We can then greet Him with a clear mind and holy hearts.

May Jesus live in your hearts forever. 
Deacon Chris