Spiritual Reflection 11/6/22

       We try so very hard to place our Lord and all His teachings into categories that we can understand easily. We try to apply our worldly problem-solving abilities or deductions to a heavenly reality. What we should be doing is listening to Christ’s words. He is inviting us back to a relationship with His Father. This relationship is through Him and all the sacrifices He has made. We are reunited to God the Father by becoming one with Christ Himself. A happy and loving marriage in this world is a wonderful thing. A husband and wife giving totally of themselves to each other is a true reflection of Christ’s love for us, but a reflection is not the real thing. We may believe that nothing could be better than what we have, but Christ offers us so much more than we can even imagine: a true union with Him.

In our resurrected bodies, we will no longer have a child-like understanding of God and His love for us, similar to that of the Sadducees. The problem with the Sadducees is that they can’t imagine anything bigger or better than the small world they know. In our resurrected bodies, we will have a complete maturity of thought and body. We will become the creation we were always meant to be. We will be able to interact with God like the angels do. They unite with each other not in the limited way that bodies can unite but with their whole selves, in an intimate and joyful way, through their union with the mind of God.

A husband and wife are joined together to help each be the best person they can be. We are no longer needed as husband and wife to fulfill that role in our resurrected bodies because at that time we are united completely with Christ. The union with each other does not go away but is joined evermore with the love of Christ.

May Jesus live in our hearts forever.
Deacon Chris