Spiritual Reflection 10/11/2020

God’s Call

We are all called by God. He has such wonderful things prepared for us and he longs to share it with us all. He has been calling out to mankind since we left his presence in the Garden. Scripture tells us of the multiple prophets who call out to the people in His name. Calling His people to live as He told us to live. He longs so much for us he even sent the dearest thing to heart to give us His message, His only Son. It is easy to see the roles of the prophets and Jesus in today’s Gospel. What is not as easy to see is the role we may play ourselves in this Gospel. Are we the people who hear God call to the banquet but just ignore it? We know what happens to those people. Are we the person who hears the call and goes through the motions, but is not truly prepared for the banquet. If we are, will we be speechless when asked why we’re not prepared? Are we the one of the people who hears the King’s call and comes ready to receive the gifts of the King? We have all three choices and the thing about a choice is that it falls on us to make it. It is through our own actions.

When my wife and I were a young married couple, we found ourselves away from the Church. We were not attending Mass and if we did it was usually a holiday or maybe a wedding. Then we found ourselves waiting for our son to be born. We felt so very blessed. When he was born we went to the Church to have him baptized. It was what we were supposed to do, right? But then the priest who was interviewing us for the baptism asked us “why?” “Why do you want this child baptized? You are not attending Church or celebrating the sacraments. You are just going through the motions.” It was an incredible revelation to my wife and me, but we wanted something for our child we knew was so true. My wife and I made a life changing decision. We came back to the Church and embraced all of its teachings. If we were going to call ourselves Catholics, we were going to live as Catholics.

The awesomeness of God is that he would never ask something of us without giving us the means or tools to do it. The Church is here to not only to sound the call of God, but to help us dress for the banquet. Pray. Embrace our faith. Embrace the sacraments. They are there so we can enjoy the eternal banquet with our one and true king. Jesus Christ.

May Jesus live in our hearts, forever!
Deacon Chris