Sacrament of Matrimony Fact Sheet


All weddings MUST be scheduled at least six months before the selected date.

Wedding Masses or Ceremonies may be held on Friday afternoon or early evening. Saturday wedding times are usually between 12 Noon and 2:00P.M.  All Saturday weddings must be completed by 4:00P.M. in time for parish scheduled confessions.


A wedding may be either a nuptial Mass or a Ceremony.  The Nuptial Mass is similar to a Sunday Mass and the wedding promises are made during the Mass after the reading of the Gospel.  This includes the reception of Holy Communion.  A ceremony is similar but does not include the receiving of Holy Communion. Two Catholics being married should always have the Nuptial Mass unless there is sufficient reason not to. A Ceremony is used when one of the parties being married is not a Catholic.  Catholic Priest is never permitted to witness a marriage in a setting that is not a Church.  A catholic may be married in a non-Catholic Church if they have been granted a dispensation to permit this. A Catholic priest may then be in attendance.  If one of the parties is non-Christian, a consult with the parish priest is needed to explain the procedure.


This is the Pre-Cana Sessions.  St. David currently offers a one day Pre-Cana Program.  Attendance at a Pre-Cana session(s) is required for all marriages in which as least one of the parties is Catholic.  Please consult the Parish Bulletin for dates and times.   There are also evening session held around the Archdiocese if the one day program is not possible.  Ask the priest to locations and times.


The Rite of Marriage requires the obtaining of certain documents:

  1. A recent copy of baptismal certificate.  This may not be the original in the case of the Catholic.  It must be obtained from the Church of Baptism and issued within six months of the wedding date.  A non-Catholic may present an original copy of the Baptism or if this is not available a letter of membership of in a Christian church.
  2. A letter of Freedom may be required from the parish of registration if deemed necessary for that couple.  A couple not registered in St. David Parish or a least originally from St. David is not permitted to be married at St. David.
  3. A marriage license from the state of Pennsylvania and is good for 60 days only.
  4. A Declaration and Promise when one of the parties is not Catholic.  This is a signed by the Catholic Party that the faith is not in danger of being lost and that all children of their marriage will be raised in the Catholic Faith.
  5. Permission of Parents if either party is under 18.
  6. A testimony of the parents that you are free to marry may be necessary according to the facts personally know by the celebrant priest.


You are free to request a priest for your wedding.  You must personally ask the priest you are interested in having officiate your wedding.  The parish priest is the usual celebrant of the all wedding that do not have a visiting priest.  A non-Catholic minister is always welcomed to participate in the mixed religion wedding or as a friend/relative of the couple or their families.


This is the PNI.  This is the written, stated under oath, testimony of the couple’s freedom to marry and is a verification of the information required by the priest in order to officiate at any Catholic marriage.  Also it is a final check list of all information regarding the marriage for the parish records. The meeting for this report is usually held 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date.  The couple carries the responsibility to contact the priest to set up this meeting.


All music at the Church, before, during and after, must be music arranged for a religious, sacramental celebration.  Therefore, absolutely no music from any other source is ever permitted.  You would not play religious music at your reception.  This is a matter of what type of music is appropriate for the setting.

Your music arrangements are your responsibility and are made by contacting Barbara Aughtmon by email at or phone at 215-343-4445.  Musicians from outside the parish are permitted but must be given consent by Barbara, and a fee applies in such cases.  Please consult the priest for further information.  Fees for organist and singer are due when arrangements are made and accepted.


Please have your picture and video person(s) speak directly to the celebrant of your wedding for particular and required instructions.  Keep in mind that while picture taking is permitted, the church is not a studio and the photographer must respect the setting, and follow the directions of the celebrant. Always.


The church property is to be respected inside and outside.  There is no throwing of rice, bird seed, flower petals or the use of bubbles permitted at any time. There is to be no alcohol on the church property before or after the wedding celebration.   There must be one person designated to make sure the church is a clean as it was for your wedding.  You may not use any tape or glue in attaching decorations to the pews, walls or floor.


The placement of flowers on the altar is your decision. The parish does not supply flowers for wedding.  It may happen occasionally that the flowers for the weekend will be available but not planned upon.  Flowers are at the expense of couple and not the parish.  You may leave flowers after the wedding or you may take them with you for personal use or for your reception.  If you wish you may use a runner for the aisle that is 90 feet long, but it is neither necessary nor needed.  Please check with the pastor or details if used.


On the night of the rehearsal, please bring:

  1. The selection sheet as to your wedding selections of prayers
  2. Your church fee of $300.00
  3. The marriage license.



Any two people present for the wedding can be the witnesses.  This is usually the best man and maid of honor.  Their names are recorded on the PNI mentioned above.


Catholics entering the Sacrament of Marriage are expected to make a good and sincere confession before the Mass or ceremony.  Usually this takes the form of a general confession in which the persons just present their concerns for forgiveness in a general way and not a recall of everything.  This may happen if requested ahead of time with a priest, or in the regular parish confessions.  You may ask your priest for the schedule of St. David Parish.

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