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We welcome all Catholics moving into the Willow Grove, PA area to our Parish community. Please call the Rectory at 215-657-0252 to make an appointment to register. You can click this link to download the Parish Registration form in advance of your appointment.

Interested in the Catholic Faith?
Do you know someone who does not have a church family and would like to belong to one, or who is not baptized and desires to be?  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process into which an individual can enter in order to gain a relational experience with Jesus as well as with the community He joins. At St. David, RCIA sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.  The process is a “come and see” approach to learning about the Catholic Faith.  Contact Sister Mary Catherine for more information regarding RCIA (215-657-0252) or learn more about the RCIA process.

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From the Pastor’s Desk 12/21/2014
Fourth Sunday of Advent


This issue of the Parish Bulletin will serve for Christmas too. My prayer for you and your family is that the Lord we worship today will bless with His grace you and your family every day.

As you know, in September 2015 Pope Francis is scheduled to attend the World Meeting of Families so it true to say “it’s all about the family”. One of the aspects of the Christmas story is that Joseph and Mary could find no place to rest their heads in any of the inns of Bethlehem.  Something similar is happening regarding the World Meeting of Families. People are traveling to the area to attend the Meeting, and all the hotels and motels are either full or way to costly to consider, so for these travelers, there is a modern “Bethlehem” going on. Therefore, since Mass attendance is high at Christmas, I would like ask if you would be willing to find out more information about how the Host Families for the World Meeting of Families program works? It is easier than you think. Do you have a spare bedroom? All persons are screened before a match up is permitted. I am only asking now if you would be willing to look into this possibility at the beginning of the new year. If you would like to open your home to a World Meeting of Families Visitor, you can register at
https://worldmeeting2015.homestaymanager.com/host/sign_up or email WMOF at

Please remember that it is my privilege and responsibility to remember you and your family in my daily prayers and weekly 7:00AM Sunday Mass, and as requested. So remember that  you are prayed for; all I ask is that you pray with me as members of one family with Christ the Lord.

God Bless You and your Families,
Rev. Richard P. Connors

Living Your Faith

This Advent, Put Your Faith First

Remember that the “holiday rush” is simply a cultural notion that everything must be done on or before Dec. 25. As Catholic Christians, we actually have much more than one day to celebrate Christmas — we have an entire liturgical season! So, a Christmas card arriving the first week of January is OK, as is a batch of cookies baked for an elderly neighbor. It is easy to get caught up in the tyranny of a Dec. 25 deadline, but don’t buy into the hype. This year, celebrate what matters most about the season of Advent (and give yourself a break with the rest). Wait and watch and wonder, for God is soon to be born again in our homes and in our hearts. (~Helen Busse)

Did You Know?

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Today the Church celebrates the Fourth Sunday of Advent. We light the last candle on our advent4thSundayAdvent wreath and our preparation for Christmas is almost finished. We also reach the culmination of the O Antiphons. In previous antiphons our cry was directed to the Messiah as He manifested Himself to the Chosen People, to the Gentiles, and in nature; now He is addressed in person and asked to remain with us as Emmanuel.

Reading this final antiphon gives the feeling that a climax has indeed come. The very term Emmanuel, God with us, reveals the kindly, human heart of Jesus — He wants to be one of us, a Child of man, with all our human weakness and suffering; He wants to experience how hard it is to be man. He wants to remain with us to the end of time, He wants to dwell within us, He wants to make us share His nature. (~excerpted from catholicculture.org)

Religious Formation News

faithformationFaith Formation is an on-going process that involves our active learning and response to follow God’s will. For Catholics it means growing in deeper love and cooperation with God through Scripture and the Sacraments. Holy Mass grants us the benefit of receiving our Lord in Word and Sacrament.

The Mass is the primary way of entering into faith formation. Other opportunities are times when we gather to deepen our love for God through Scripture Study, participating in church organizations, celebrating in the liturgical rites of RCIA, assisting in Religious Education, practicing prayerful devotions, attending Catholic-centered workshops, working for peace and justice, and so much more!

If you are not sure what you can do to further your faith formation, talk to Fr. Connors, or one of the ministerial staff personnel.

Start the New Year Anew

Confession Schedule for the Days Before Christmasforgiven

The confession schedule for the days before Christmas is:

  • Saturday, December 20th: 12:30PM – 1:00 PM & 3:30PM – 4:45PM
  • Monday, December 22nd: 12:30PM  – 1:00PM
  • Tuesday, December 23rd: 7:30PM –  8:00PM

Use Our Scrip Program for Gift Purchases!

Please use our SCRIP program gift cards for your purchases at local stores, especially Christmasscrip gifts. Check the bulletin for hours of purchase. Without spending additional dollars you are making a donation to our school or parish by your participation. It’s easy and it helps a lot. There is even one business that give a 20% return to the program without adding one penny to your valued gift card. Check it out.

btfelogoAlso save those Box Tops for Education.  They add up fast and every little bits helps Catholic Education.  Even if you do not have students in Queen of Angels School you are asked to participate in this effort.  Thank you.

Queen of Angels School News

Queen of Angels Open House

Are you looking for a quality Catholic Education for your child? Come and visit our parish Regional school, Queen of Angels at 10:00 to 11:30AM  on Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

The presentation will start at 10:00 AM in the lower school building located next to St. David Rectory, 314 N Easton Road, Willow Grove. Tours will follow the presentation.

Please call the school a 215-659-6393 or e-mail Sister Margaret Rose Adams, IHM, our princpal at smadams@qoaschool.org

Registration for 2015-2016 School Year

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM in the Upper School Faculty Room.

Gift Certificate (“Scrip”) Info


Next special order is due Jan. 9th-Don’t miss out!

Even if you don’t have children attending Catholic school, you can still purchase scrip. You can earmark the credit you earn and put  it towards a neighbor, friend or simply indicate “needy family”. Call Carol if you have any questions (215-784-9384).


E.P.I.C Catholic Youth Group News

EPIC logoEPIC Youth Group

  • Sun Dec. 21:
    Advent Praise & Worship
    Pollyanna $5.00 gift, Prepare Luminary Bag
  • Wed Dec. 24:
    Set Up Luminary Bags. Meet at St. David 4:30 pm
  • Sun Dec. 28:
    No Meeting; Deposit due for Steubenville Youth Conference $40 no later than today; Money for Bob Rice tickets also due $20
  • Sun Jan. 4:
    Life Night 6-8 pm at OLHC. Topic:  Pro-LifeDecorate St. David Church Property on Christmas Eve! Purchase luminary candle bags from EPIC Youth Group in memory of or in honor of your loved ones.  Cost is $5.00. The youth group will set the candles in bags around the church property Christmas Eve. Funds raised help offset the $300 each cost for Steubenville Youth Conference in June. Thank you for your support

    Email:  E.P.I.C.inform@gmail.com
    Website:  EPICinform.blogspot.com

Good News You Can Use

Donate and Save at the Same Time!
With each scrip gift card you purchase through School or Church, a percentage of the amount purchased is donated back to our School or our Church. Please check out information about hours and locations for scrip purchase above. I thank you, Father Connors.

St. David Choir Christmas Program
The choir invites you to a half hour program of Christmas music at 7:30 PM on Christmas Eve. This will be followed by the 8:00 Mass.  We hope you can join us!

FootballMania Update
We are half-way through the FootballMania contest, through week 5 of 10, and there have been many winners! St. David’s has had 14 winners who have won $575 in prizes. One parishioner has even won twice!  Although it’s too late to start to participate in 2014 FootballMania, we will be selling BaseballMania tickets in the spring! We hope you can join the fun of BaseballMania early 2015. Thanks to all who purchased tickets for FootballMania.

Be A Cathedral Ambassador at the Basilica
The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul conducts an evangelization ministry with Cathedral Ambassadors. This enthusiastic group of trained Ambassadors staffs the Basilica every day of the week and is comprised of volunteer parishioners from all over the Archdiocese. They answer questions, offer assistance and give tours. Cathedral Ambassadors provide a personal presence in the Basilica, and put a face on the Church. Cathedral Ambassadors are assigned 4 hour shifts. The schedule is flexible – one day or more a month. They are provided training and materials to support their evangelization ministry. Learn more about our Cathedral Basilica at www.cathedralphila.org. For more information on the Ambassador Program and/or to become an Ambassador, please contact Nick or Louise Pascale, coordinators of the Program at npascale@archphila.org.

Listen to Archbishop Chaput’s Sunday Homilies
Listen to Archbishop Chaput’s Sunday homilies anytime at http://archphila.org/archbishopchaput/homilies/index.htm. The Archbishop’s homilies are also available as Podcasts on iTunes.

The Holy Father is coming to the World Meeting of Families! Are you?
We are excited that the Holy Father will be joining us this September for the World Meeting of Families -Philadelphia 2015. As the thrill from this great news ripples across the world, we hope you and your family can join us for the largest gathering of families ever orchestrated. Register today at http://www.worldmeeting2015.org/plan-your-visit/register/

World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015 News

Host Families Needed

Many families are traveling long distances to reach the World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015. As an affordable alternative to hotel accommodations and to support the volume of people coming to the Philadelphia area, we are offering families of St David to host a family from St. Benedict’s of Deluth MN.

Host Families can host visitors in a spare bedroom or any amenable facility. Visitors can then search the Host Family database to find hosts to be matched to. When registering as a Host Family, you will include information on your hosting situation (bedrooms, family hobbies, pets, allergies, access to public transportation, etc.). Additionally, each visiting family will pay a nightly fee to the Host Family. The Host Family can use that money to offset costs, buy breakfast each day, donate to the visiting family, or in any other way desired. Your role, as a Host Family, is pivotal in enabling many families to make this trip safe and affordable. View a video about it below.

If you would like to open your home to a World Meeting of Families Visitor, you can register at https://worldmeeting2015.homestaymanager.com/host/sign_up or email WMOF at host@WorldMeeting2015.org.

Any questions on hosting or World Meeting of Families can be referred to Gary Warnalis at 215-260-5913.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Spiritual Motherhood 

spritualmotherhoodBecome a Spiritual Mother-Adopt a Philadelphia Priest Today! With the permission of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., D.D. and the cooperation of Monsignor Daniel J. Sullivan, Vicar for Clergy and the Blessed Virgin Mary as our model, we are working to provide each priest in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with a Spiritual Mother, who will commit to anonymously adopt him and pray for him and his vocation as long as she lives. There is no financial commitment attached. Spiritual motherhood can be practiced by a woman of mature faith of any age and in any position in life who is willing to make the lifelong commitment to prayer. To adopt a priest in Philadelphia, go to:

Scroll down on the event bar, print the Spiritual Mother Commitment Form and mail it to the address listed on the form. If you have any questions after visiting the web page please contact: Rosemary Doyle: rdoylerd@comcast.net ~ 215-368-5875 or Maria Richards: marichar@comcast.net ~ 215-721-0199.