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We welcome all Catholics moving into the Willow Grove, PA area to our Parish community. Please call the Rectory at 215-657-0252 to make an appointment to register. You can click this link to download the Parish Registration form in advance of your appointment.

Interested in the Catholic Faith?
Do you know someone who does not have a church family and would like to belong to one, or who is not baptized and desires to be?  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process into which an individual can enter in order to gain a relational experience with Jesus as well as with the community He joins. At St. David, RCIA sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.  The process is a “come and see” approach to learning about the Catholic Faith.  Contact Sister Mary Catherine for more information regarding RCIA (215-657-0252) or learn more about the RCIA process.

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From the Pastor’s Desk 07/26/2015
The Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time


The rise in secular and non-religious attitudes is growing. The impact of these changes depends on your perspective.

The Church is still recovering from the issues of the past. Strongholds which we consider important have let us down, both in business world and in religion. The economy, which has yet to fully recover, causes financial burdens for many. Religion is being used to threaten lives, and has become a haven for extremists. Considering all things, it is a difficult time in the world. Or at the very least, it is a different world.

I write to you today inviting you to truly consider, or reconsider, the place in the life of your family of a Catholic Education in our Catholic Schools. Tuition always appears at the forefront as a obstacle to attend Catholic School. You may say there are fine public schools that do not charge tuition, so money is saved, however the cost to our children cannot be measured in dollars alone. Although not measured in dollars, the price of public school education is to expose your children to a completely secular educational experience, which completely avoids all things which might promote religion or faith. The cost to your child may well be an indoctrination of secularism as a religion.

Sadly, many Catholic families whose children attend public school often do not attend weekly Mass, furthering disconnecting them from their Catholic faith and the realities of God in our midst.

I believe that now more than ever, there is an great need for a Catholic School education that provides for the full education of the student, both of mind and of spirit.

The question cannot be “can we afford Catholic Education?” but rather can we afford not to send our children to Catholic Schools? If sports is first and most the most important aspect of a student’s education, then is the Cross being replaced by a soccer ball or other sports item? Is this a harsh question? Think about in light of the 1st commandment –  “I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.”

In short, our children need religious values, and they can be found, learned and celebrated in a Catholic School. Queen of Angels is now accepting applications.

God Bless You and your Families,
Rev. Richard P. Connors

Why the Catholic Church Does Not Support Same-Sex “Marriage”

“Homophobe!” “Hater!” “Bigot!” “What does it matter who I love?”

Can you explain with love and charity why the Catholic Church cannot and does not support same-sex “marriage”? Do you yourself understand why?

Cardinal Francis George recently expressed the current situation in this way:

“In recent years, society has brought social and legislative approval to all types of sexual relationships that used to be considered “sinful.” Since the biblical vision of what it means to be human tells us that not every friendship or love can be expressed in sexual relations, the church’s teaching on these issues is now evidence of intolerance for what the civil law upholds and even imposes. What was once a request to live and let live has now become a demand for approval. The “ruling class,” those who shape public opinion in politics, in education, in communications, in entertainment, is using the civil law to impose its own form of morality on everyone. We are told that, even in marriage itself, there is no difference between men and women, although nature and our very bodies clearly evidence that men and women are not interchangeable at will in forming a family. Nevertheless, those who do not conform to the official religion, we are warned, place their citizenship in danger.”

Below is a small compilation of websites which explain the teaching of the Catholic Church on this matter, shared in the hope of increasing understanding:

Homosexual Acts Cannot be Approved or Celebrated by the Church — Here’s Why

Archbishop Chaput’s Statement Regarding the Supreme Court’s Ruling

Gay Marriage by Catholic Answers “To Explain and Defend the Faith”

Same-Sex Marriage: Our Agreements Solve Our Disagreement by Catholic Answers

The Gay Marriage Resource Page by Al Kresta Team

USCCB Questions and Answers about Marriage and Same-Sex Unions

TFP Student Action – Defending Moral Values on Campus


Church Organ


We still need donations!
Projected delivery date for the new organ is coming up quickly!!!

The Allen organ that has been in use at St. David’s since 1970 was purchased used. It is approximately 58 years old, and was actually built before the advent f digital technology. A new organ has been purchased from the Allen Organ Company at a cost of $45,000 and will be installed over the summer. The organ is pictured above.

A few features of this new instrument:

  • Pipe organ sound with 38 different stops and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) which adds an additional 100 sounds.
  • Four speakers in the back of the church; two speakers which would be installed above the altar.
  • A full 10 year warranty.

The choir has taken the initiative and raised $12,000 towards the purchase of the organ (from the Putting Faith in Broadway concert) and the parish has earmarked $22,000 from the Heritage of Faith Campaign. This leaves us approximately $11,000 short of the necessary funds. If you would like to make a donation, please make your check out to St. David Choir and note “organ fund” in the memo section of the check. A commemorative plaque will be installed in the church noting donors as follows:

  • $100-$249 Angels
  • $250-$499 Archangels
  • $500-$749 Dominions
  • $750-$999 Cherubim
  • $1,000 + Seraphim

Living Your Faith

May They Rest In Peace

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have served our parish and our archdiocese for many, many years. Each Sister as given her life to the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.cross-hands

It is with special regard that we request prayers for the following Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who have passed recently:

  • Sister M. Ann Bernadette McNamara: June 8, 2015
  • Sister Rosemary Byrne: June 10, 2015
  • Sister Regina Louise Longo: June 13, 2015
  • Sister M Helene Joseph Kollar: June 24, 2015 (She served her final assignment as a member of the St. David Convent, please remember her fellow Sisters in your prayers too.)
  • Sister M. Bernard Blankemeyer: June 27, 2015

May they rest in peace and pray for us.

Important Information About Attending the Papal Mass

Information regarding the purchase of SEPTA REGIONAL LINE tickets to go to the city for the Papal Mass go on sale Monday, July 20, 2015.

Please consult WorldMeeting2015.org for details and information on where and how to purchase rail tickets.




Do not delay if you wish to use regional rail lines. You do not need a ticket to the Mass itself on Sunday.


Have you ever felt bored or confused during Mass?

EPIC Youth Group invites all 8-12th graders to join us for Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed, featuring powerful videos and small groups that allow you to talk about what you’re seeing and ask your own questions about the Mass and the Catholic Faith. We will meet 5 consecutive Mondays starting July 6th 8:00-8:30 Adoration in St David Chapel then  8:30-9:30 Altaration Program.

Did You Know?

 Living Pro-Life

You may have heard recently of two videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal body parts. Congressional representatives are working to have Planned Parenthood stripped of its federal funding.

It’s not only the government who gives money to Planned Parenthood. According to 2nd Vote, a website (and app) that tracks contributions from consumers to various causes, more than 25% of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3billion annual revenue comes from private donations, including corporate contributions. Forty-one corporations and organizations directly contribute to the group.

Here are the 41 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood:

Adobe * American Cancer Society * American Express * AT&T * Avon * Bank of America
* Bath & Body Works  * Ben & Jerry’s * Clorox * Coca-Cola * Converse
* Deutsche Bank * Dockers * Energizer * Expedia * ExxonMobil * Fannie Mae * Ford
* Groupon * Intuit * Johnson & Johnson * La Senza * Levi Strauss * Liberty Mutual
* Macy’s * March of Dimes * Microsoft * Morgan Stanley * Nike * Oracle * PepsiCo
* Pfizer * Progressive * Starbucks * Susan G. Komen * Tostitos * Unilever
*  United Way * Verizon * Wells Fargo * Xerox

If you find that you are a customer or consumer of any, or many, of these companies, perhaps you might prayerfully consider contacting the companies you support with your hard earned money, and ask them to stop supporting the murder of our most vulnerable unborn by the nation’s largest abortion provider.

~read more at http://dailysignal.com/2015/07/21/meet-the-41-companies-that-donate-directly-to-planned-parenthood/


~read more at http://dailysignal.com/2015/07/23/planned-parenthood-pulls-names-of-corporate-donors-after-coca-cola-ford-and-xerox-object/?utm_source=heritagefoundation&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=morningbell&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRogsqvLZKXonjHpfsX76O8rX6O1gYkz2EFye%2BLIHETpodcMTcJiM7%2FYDBceEJhqyQJxPr3NLtQN191pRhLiDA%3D%3D

Shortly after the story above was published, representatives from Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co. and Xerox contacted The Daily Signal to say they were erroneously listed and had requested that Planned Parenthood take them off its website.

The companies were cited by Planned Parenthood as employers who match charitable contributions. Planned Parenthood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is exempt from paying federal income taxes.

A representative from Coca-Cola confirmed for The Daily Signal that the company does not contribute to Planned Parenthood, nor does it match employee contributions to the organization.

When told that its named appeared on Planned Parenthood’s website, the Coca-Cola representative said, “We’ll ask them to correct the information.”

Other companies voiced similar concerns about Planned Parenthood’s donor list.

“We are making sure that Ford Motor Company is not listed as a Planned Parenthood contributor on their website,” a representative from Ford told The Daily Signal.

“In addition, we do not offer an employee match for charitable contributions,” the Ford representative said. It has been at least 10 years since Ford stopped matching employee gift contributions, the representative added.

Similarly, Xerox was listed on the Planned Parenthood website and has said it also does not donate in any way.

“We checked our files for the last 20 years and have no record of Xerox Corp. contributing to Planned Parenthood,” a representative from Xerox told The Daily Signal.

Gift Certificate (“Scrip”) Info





Scrip Sales:
Sunday: 10:00AM – 11:15AM in FCH
Tuesday: 7:00PM – 7:30PM in Rectory
Friday: 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM in the Rectory (and in backpacks on FULL school days only)

Even if you don’t have children attending Catholic school, you can still purchase scrip. You can earmark the credit you earn and put  it towards a neighbor, friend or simply indicate “needy family”. Call Carol if you have any questions (215-784-9384).

E.P.I.C Catholic Youth Group News

EPIC Youth Group

EPIC logo


We invite all 8th through 12th grade students to attend any of our events.  Come see what we are all about!



July 27 to 31:
Beach Retreat, Ocean City, NJ
Details on the EPIC website. We will keep our parishes in our prayers as we attend this week of prayers, service, Mass, music and (of course) beach time.   

Mon Aug 3:
Adoration & “Altaration”
Our summer program will continue after a short break for the Beach Retreat. Please join us at 8:00 pm in St. David’s Chapel for 1/2 hour of adoration and then the “Altaration” program on the Mass in Father Curran Hall beginning at 8:30 pm.

Mon-Tues Aug 24-25:
St. Francis Inn
We have a great service opportunity to serve dinner to the needy in Kensington. We need at least 6 high school or older volunteers each day. We will leave at about 3 pm and return around 8 pm. Commitments are required immediately. Please text or call Tricia Holler 267-495-6933 or email E.P.I.C.inform@gmail.com

Email:  E.P.I.C.inform@gmail.com
Website:  EPICinform.blogspot.com

Summer Faith Enrichment Opportunity


Catholicism Series: Join us for a wonderful series. We will meet each Thursday night from June 4th-August 13th (NO MEETING JULY 2nd) 7:00-8:30 pm in Father Curran Hall to watch the series and discuss. This is a FREE series. If you can’t make every week, the videos will be made available for loan.  Please register with Jenn Falsone 215-582-9072 or jfalsone@comcast.net

Queen of Angels School News

Quality Catholic Education

Queen of Angels School provides the children with a quality Catholic education that includes all the regular subjects enhanced with art, computer, gym, library, music, and Spanish for all grades. Grades 5-8 also have an honors math class. The children make regular use of iPads, Netbooks and Surface tablets to enhance their learning. We offer Full and Half Day PreK3 and PreK4 programs. The value of our PreK program in terms of quality of education and price surpasses all.

Before Care and After Care is offered daily from 7:00AM to 6:00PM.  If you would like more information about our school or to make an appointment to register, please contact Sister Margaret Rose Adams, our principal at 215-659-6393 or smadams@qoaschool.org.

In the meantime, check out our virtual tour at www.qoaschool.org.


Good News You Can Use/Looking Ahead

Aid for Friends
I would like to thank all those cooks out there who give of their valuable time and talent donating the many dinner trays that serve those in need and who are homebound.
Your generosity has put many a smile on a thankful heart. Along with our thank you I also have an urgent request to ask St. David parishioners to help us meet the demand of more needed trays during the summer months. We have a higher need during this time for those we serve. So in order to fill those requests we need your help even more now. For those who are not familiar with how to get the supplies. The trays are down stairs in  Father Curren Hall in the room next to the kitchen. From the Aid For Friends and those in need, we thank you.

Summer Faith Enrichment Opportunity
Catholicism Series: Join us for a wonderful series. We will meet each Thursday night from June 4th-August 13th (NO MEETING JULY 2nd) 7:00-8:30 pm in Father Curran Hall to watch the series and discuss. This is a FREE series. If you can’t make every week, the videos will be made available for loan.  Please register with Jenn Falsone 215-582-9072 or jfalsone@comcast.net

World Meeting of Family Transportation
If you plan on attending the WMOF Adult / Youth Congress in September or any of the weekend events with the Pope,  be reminded that public transportation is encouraged as the best way to get to the Convention Center or the Benjamin Franklin Parkway events.  There will be virtually no automobile parking in Center City Philadelphia during the week of Sept 21st. Charter buses will be parked in areas with substantial walking distances anticipated. Hop aboard SEPTA, the region’s public transit system, for an easy and convenient way to get to downtown Philly by bus, trolley, subway or regional rail. Base cash fare for SEPTA bus, trolley, and subway is $2.25; transfers cost $1.00. Tokens are available for purchase and cost $3.60 for a two pack. Regional Rail fares vary by distance traveled. One Day passes, TrailPasses, and TransPasses (weekly and monthly) are also available if you plan a multiple-day visit to World Meeting of Family events.

Called to Participate, Called to Celebrate
Whether you’d like to increase your visibility as a 2015 sponsor, want to offer your time and talent as a volunteer at the event, or are simply looking to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia with your family, we invite you to participate. Explore the many ways in which you can partake in bringing this vibrant, global event to fruition. We all have a role to play. Together we can make 2015 the most successful World Meeting of Families ever! Go to www.workmeeting2015.org/get-involved.

CYO Fall Sports Registration
St David CYO Fall Sports Registration is now open:

  • Cross Country (K thru 8)
  • Girls’ Volleyball (5/6 and 7/8)
  • Soccer (boys and girls, 3 thru 8)

Go to www.stdavidcyo.org for registration link and school code or visit www.orgsonline.com

Sunday July 2
Next weekend, please welcome Rev. John Graden O.S.F.S., who will tell us about the work of Unbound, a lay Catholic sponsorship ministry that helps children and elderly in 20 developing countries. To learn more call (800) 875- 6564 or visit Unbound on line at www.unbound.org.

Pro-Life Mass
Friday Jul 31
There will be a Pro-Life Mass on Friday July 31, 2015 at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Southampton at 7:00PM. After Mass there will be a prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood at 610 Louis Drive. Questions? Contact Teresa Snyder 215-672-7355.

Consecutive Mondays, July 6 – Aug 3
Have you ever felt bored or confused during Mass? EPIC Youth Group invites all 8-12th graders to join us for Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed, featuring powerful videos and small groups that allow you to talk about what you’re seeing and ask your own questions about the Mass and the Catholic Faith. We will meet 5 consecutive Mondays starting July 6th 8:00-8:30 Adoration in St David Chapel then  8:30-9:30 Altaration Program.

T.O.D.A.Y. Theater
Tuesdays July 7 &  21, Aug 4 & 18 and Sept 1
Theme: Christmas in September
Title: “Joy to Today”
Practices 7:00PM-8:00PM on Tuesdays July 7 &  21, Aug 4 & 18 and Sept 1 at Belmont Fire House, 4 South Washington, Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA . We will try to car pool leaving St. David parking lot around 6 p.m.  Email Jenny Mars, marsfam1@gmail.com

K of C Crab & Chicken Night
Saturday August 8
Knights of Columbus, Flaherty Council in Glenside, is hosting a crab and chicken night – all you can eat and music. Date: August 8, 2015 6:30PM to 11:00PM. Food served until 8:30PM. For tickets or info call 215-576-9312.

Ukrainian Folk Festival
Sunday August 13
Come to the Ukrainian Folk Festival in Horsham on Sunday August 13. For information and details call 267-664-3857.

Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School 1st Annual Golf Tournament
October 2
Friday, October 2, 2015, 9:00AM Registration, 10:00AM Shotgun Start at the Limekiln Golf Club, 1176 Limekiln Pike, Ambler, PA. $125 per golfer. Register by June 30 and receive a $25 discount. Sponsorship Opportunities available. For more information please contact George Hartman at gjhartman3@gmail.com. For sponsorship and golfer registration forms visit www.qoaschool.org.

Fall and Winter Retreats
Mother Boniface Spirituality Center located at 3501 Solly Ave. in Philadelphia holds retreats of many varieties. For a flyer and details contact www.msbt.org/nbsc.htm,  or email mberetreat@nsbt.org or call 267-350-1831.

World Meeting of Families Youth Congress
Did you know that the World Meeting of Families Youth Congress is for young people ages 6-17, taking place from Sept 22-25 at the PA Convention Center? Activities include Making Pope Puppets, Bowling with the Bishops, Shooting Hoops with the Seminarians and a Teen Café! Learn more about what’s happening in the Youth Congress and how to register at: WorldMeeting2015.org.

Donate and Save at the Same Time!
With each scrip gift card you purchase through School or Church, a percentage of the amount purchased is donated back to our School or our Church. Please check out information about hours and locations for scrip purchase above. I thank you, Father Connors.

Listen to Archbishop Chaput’s Sunday Homilies
Listen to Archbishop Chaput’s Sunday homilies anytime at http://archphila.org/archbishopchaput/homilies/index.htm. The Archbishop’s homilies are also available as Podcasts on iTunes.

The Holy Father is coming to the World Meeting of Families! Are you?
We are excited that the Holy Father will be joining us this September for the World Meeting of Families -Philadelphia 2015. As the thrill from this great news ripples across the world, we hope you and your family can join us for the largest gathering of families ever orchestrated. Register today at http://www.worldmeeting2015.org/plan-your-visit/register/

World Meeting of Families-Philadelphia 2015 Announces Launch of Volunteer Registration


The World Meeting of Families announced that its highly anticipated online volunteer registration is now officially open to the public. With more than 10,000 volunteers needed for the World Meeting of Families Congress (September 22-25) and Papal Visit (September 26- 27), individuals 18 years of age and older can now register at  http://worldmeeting2015.volunteerhub.com/ for the opportunity to play a crucial role in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Currently at launch, there are more than 100 volunteer opportunities throughout the week of the World Meeting of Families, including opportunities related to the Festival of Families and Papal Mass. More volunteer options will likely be added upon the announcement of a formal itinerary for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia by the Vatican. That announcement is anticipated in early summer.

Special Prayers

pray-2There are many evils in the world and growing concern no-Mass-Mosulfor many, especially for Christians in the Middle East. I ask you to take this threat seriously.

Please offer prayers, especially your daily prayers and rosaries, for the protection of all people but now especially for our brother and sister Christians who are being attacked by violent “religious” extremist groups. Thank you.


World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015 News

Host Families Needed

Many families are traveling long distances to reach the World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015. As an affordable alternative to hotel accommodations and to support the volume of people coming to the Philadelphia area, we are offering families of St David to host a family from St. Benedict’s of Deluth MN.

Host Families can host visitors in a spare bedroom or any amenable facility. Visitors can then search the Host Family database to find hosts to be matched to. When registering as a Host Family, you will include information on your hosting situation (bedrooms, family hobbies, pets, allergies, access to public transportation, etc.). Additionally, each visiting family will pay a nightly fee to the Host Family. The Host Family can use that money to offset costs, buy breakfast each day, donate to the visiting family, or in any other way desired. Your role, as a Host Family, is pivotal in enabling many families to make this trip safe and affordable. View a video about it below.

If you would like to open your home to a World Meeting of Families Visitor, you can register at https://worldmeeting2015.homestaymanager.com/host/sign_up or email WMOF at host@WorldMeeting2015.org.

Any questions on hosting or World Meeting of Families can be referred to Gary Warnalis at 215-260-5913.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Spiritual Motherhood 

spritualmotherhoodBecome a Spiritual Mother-Adopt a Philadelphia Priest Today! With the permission of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., D.D. and the cooperation of Monsignor Daniel J. Sullivan, Vicar for Clergy and the Blessed Virgin Mary as our model, we are working to provide each priest in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with a Spiritual Mother, who will commit to anonymously adopt him and pray for him and his vocation as long as she lives. There is no financial commitment attached. Spiritual motherhood can be practiced by a woman of mature faith of any age and in any position in life who is willing to make the lifelong commitment to prayer. To adopt a priest in Philadelphia, go to:

Scroll down on the event bar, print the Spiritual Mother Commitment Form and mail it to the address listed on the form. If you have any questions after visiting the web page please contact: Rosemary Doyle: rdoylerd@comcast.net ~ 215-368-5875 or Maria Richards: marichar@comcast.net ~ 215-721-0199.