Living Your Faith

Do you wish to deepen your prayer life?

The same Jesus who taught his disciples how to pray is there to help you as well, and what better place to contemplate Jesus — the highest form of prayer — than in His presence?
~Pope St. John Paul II

St. David’s is blessed to offer Eucharistic Adoration in our chapel, Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 8 PM.
Adorers are welcome anytime, however if you can commit to a Holy Hour, our greatest needs are: Monday 9 AM, Tuesday 9 AM, 11 AM & 7 PM, and Thursday 12 & 1 PM. We are also in need of at least 2 adorers per hour throughout the day, if another hour is better for you.
If you can commit to a Holy Hour, please contact Paula Warnalis 215-441-0334.