Living Your Faith

Many men are searching for meaning and direction in life; our faith can deliver. For our faith to help, we need to give it more than an hour a week.

That Man Is You helps men become better fathers and husbands by strengthening their faith and relationship with God. Our goal is to get to heaven, to do that we need to have a relationship with the Lord. TMIY is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship.

That Man Is You has been around for 13 years and is in 600 parishes nationwide, participants give it 9.4 satisfaction rate because it honestly confronts the issue men face in our world.

That Man Is You meetings will start on Sunday, September 17th at 7:40 AM in Father Curran Hall and will consist of light breakfast, video on topic of day followed by discussion.

For information call Mike Stelacio 267 738 7224 or Dave Dombrowski 215 500 6840.