Parish Ministry of Lector – Proclaimers of the Word of God


“The lector is not simply a public reader of the Bible. The Lord uses the lector as the instrument through whom he proclaims his Word to the people. Think of this as the lector lending God his human voice so that God’s words can be spoken to us at Mass. What an amazing honor and privilege it is to read the Word of God! And what a blessing it is for us to hear it (see Rev 1:3).”
— A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Edward Sri

A Lector proclaims the first and second readings during the Mass. Someone considering the ministry of Lector should:

  • be comfortable with public speaking,
  • have a good command of the English language,
  • arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the Mass,
  • familiarize themselves with the readings ahead of time.

If you feel called to the ministry of Lector, please contact the Rectory at  215-657-0252 for more information.