Why I Joined the Holy Name Society

By Matt Sproehnle

When the Holy Name Society was introduced here at St. David’s a couple of years ago, I thought, “that sounds like a great organization, but where would I find the time?”  You see, I have a young family and am already involved in the life of our parish as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a member of the Family Retreat Planning Committee and I help the Community of Disciples set up their monthly parish socials.  Once the society was re-formed and I saw the make-up of the group at their monthly masses, I thought, “See, not too many people in my age bracket with young families.”

But then, I began to think about my faith journey and what it means to honor the Holy Name of Jesus.  In the past, I used to suffer from a malady often called “truck-driver mouth”  and as I got a little older I realized that my faith commitment in that area did not extend very much past the doors of my church.  I was not acting much like a good Christian with the mouth I had and it was disrespectful to the Lord.  So, I began to make a commitment every Lent to give up bad language.  I was able to use my Lenten sacrifices as a springboard to stop using swear words, including the taking of the name of the Lord in vain.  I am happy to say that I barely need a swear jar these days!

So, I decided to put my faith in action and join the Holy Name Society.  So what if I had to juggle my time to attend a monthly meeting?  I saw these men stand up every month and pledge themselves not just to honor the Holy Names of God the Father and Jesus the Son, but also to pledge their love for the Pope and their belief in the sacred truths that the Church believes and teaches.  They promise to give a good example of their faith.  They pledge to not use bad forms of speech.  They pledge loyalty to flag and country.

They pledge to be good, faithful members of our church in dedication to the name of Jesus Christ.  And I decided that I wanted to, and I should, be standing with these men.